Next Nature, Mensvoort

Next Nature is a revolutionary new way of thinking about our world and our relationship with technology. I want to talk about this movement as it relates to the importance of sustainable design and how we need to think about technology as nature to help us understand the world.

Koert Van Mensvoort first talked about Next Nature in a TED talk done in 2013, in this lecture he introduces the idea of technosphere and the importance to understand the difference between man-made uncontrollable things and born uncontrollable things. Once you understand this, you can begin to understand how nature is born and made now. Technology can be out of our control like; stocks, computer viruses, and traffic, if we learn to accept this then we can begin to design with technology. This is the fundamental idea of Next Nature.


This can lead you to understand how this model can help you to design new products in a sustainable manner. As a designer you can make products that accommodate the changing nature of our earth.As technology has been damned by many sustainable activists as they plead with us to go back to our hunter gather roots, but is that really what we should do? I think, our world has gone too far and technology is second if not first nature to us, because of this, it is almost impossible to expect us to go back to a less complicated life. Instead we should think about growing with nature and allowing it to design us.

For my practice its important to always understand that this new techno-nature is uncontrollable and will always win, as a designer you ned to work with nature and the concept of next nature allows you to do this. Next Nature allows you as a designer to respect the technology that is changing our world and work with it, to be scared of it would be detrimental to your practice.


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