The materials I encounter in the morning

In this exercise I have explored way I want to improve the materials I encounter on my journey to university every morning.


Bed covers: At 8am I got up and the first material I encounter is my bed covers. I would rather wake up to softer covers, my bed sheets where bought cheaply and so aren’t as comfy as they could be. In an ideal world I would feel soft pure cotton bed sheets when I wake up. Personally I don’t think about the material of my bedding, I’m more bothered about the pattern, maybe if I changed my thoughts and looked for a more sustainable bed cover then I could have nicer bed covers.


My breakfast: I then make toast for breakfast. My bread is usually the cheapest I can find so I would rather be able to choose the nicest thickest loaves from a bakery, instead of the loaves on sale. But I don’t have the money to do this. The good thing about bread is that it’s made in this country. So doesn’t have a large carbon foot print.

img_7307Mug: I also have to have a cup of tea before I start the day. My mug was a leaving present from my grandparents and reminds me of home every time I use it. For that reason, I wouldn’t change it for anything. But I would love someone else to do my washing up after! This attachment to my mug is important, not enough people grow attached to objects and therefore throw them away too easily.


Moisturiser: My moisturiser is from Lush and was a Birthday Present. The pot has lasted me 2 months already and is only half gone. I wouldn’t change this product as it keeps my skin in good condition and has lasted me a while. Lush products are a known vegan company who fight against animal testing. This protest attitude is important for big business to have as it helps spread awareness, also Lush is a British company, that make there products in Britain so is an important company for our economy.

img_7309Clothes: A lot of my clothes are cheap and old. I buy most of my clothes from ASOS and so they aren’t the best quality. I would love to be able to buy the nicest designer brands but money is a major issue and I can’t afford £100 for a pair of jeans, so instead I spend £20 on jeans and they break after 4 months. This is unfortunate but I do always take old clothes to the charity shop and if I order online and deiced I don’t want them, I send them back. This means my unwanted clothes can be worn and used by someone else.



Bus: I take a 40 minute bus ride to uni which is usually packed. This is sustainable as it means all these people aren’t driving in separate cars, instead they are in one mode of transportation. This lessens traffic on the roads and decreases carbon emissions in the city.


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