Where is technology taking us?

I love the TV series Black Mirror and whenever I think of the future of technology I can’t help but think about the dystopian view. Thanks to documentaries such as; Cowspiracy, Before the Flood and Hypernormalisation I can’t help but think of the destruction that we as a race are causing to the earth. My opinion is that we are moving at such a fast rate that we are forgetting about how we began and the important relationship we have with the earth and other species. Animals and nature help us live the way we do, and we give them no thanks, instead we run them into the ground. We extract oils and minerals from the earth and waste animals lives as if they are nothing. My view is that we need to stop and reflect on the harm we have done and work to heal that before moving forward. It seems the more we move forward the more harm we cause. Before we know it there will be no more earth to enjoy.

An example of this is 20% of the amazon rainforest has disappeared and the forest will disappear at a rate of 20,000 square miles a year. The amazon is so vital to the world as we know it. The forest give us oxygen and holds a wide variety of animal species. But deforestation for meat production, palm oil, and energy is causing forests and parks like the amazon to decrease at an alarming rate. We can’t afford to loose forests’ like the Amazon, they give us oxygen, help generate rain fall, remove harmful chemicals in the air and even produce 25% of medicines we use today.

On a nicer note I do think that the solutions to the problems I said above can be solved by technology. I just feel it needs to be redirected to a less selfish subject. Instead of using all our resources to improve human lives we can also look to other species and the earth. Technology and the people involved in tech are so powerful in shaping our future, it is important to remember we are not the only living things.


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