I Wanna Deliver a Dolphin

Humans are genetically wired to give birth as it passes their genes on to the next generation. For a lot of people, bringing children into this world is a difficulty due to gross over population and a strain on the global environment. Ai Hasegawa made this project in response to overcrowding, overdevelopment and environmental crisis. She wondered if women would be willing to incubate and give birth to an endangered species and would rearing these animals as our children, change our values on meat consumption?i-wanna-deliver-a-dolphin-by-ai-hasegawa_dezeen_6_1000

Ai chose dolphins as her test species. To make it possible for a human mother to deliver a dolphin, a dolp-human placenta would need to be synthesised. The usual human placenta interacts to pass oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, hormones, antibodies etc to the baby through the mother. The placenta will block the delivery of antibodies to the baby and the placenta will originate from the dolphin and not from the human to avoid any ethical difficulties associated with reproductive research.

As the world population grows and so many more species become extinct why not think about this proposal as a way of helping other species stay in our world. I also feel that this would stop people eating animals. It would create a connection between species that has never existed before. The potential for inter-species surrogacy is an intriguing concept that deserves further examination.



Design that takes models from nature and history

Design activism

Design to reduce the need for consumption

Harvard Reference: 

Ai Hasegawa. (2013). Expand the Future. Available: http://aihasegawa.info/?works=i-wanna-deliver-a-dolphin. Last accessed 10th Nov.


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