Ooho Water Bottles- Skipping Rocks Lab

Oho is a new packaging made from seaweed that proposes an alternative to plastic bottles made by Skipping Rocks Lab. With global sales of packaged water now reaching around 223bn litres a year, Ooho is a good replacement for packaging and the potential is huge. Even if people don’t eat the packaging the material will decompose quickly and return back to nature. With investments into clean technologies soaring to £205 billion there is a lot of potential for new start up companies to make a lot of money when using clean technologies with zero waste.


Last year I had a project to design a new exhibition space for the Royal Horticultural Society. I ended up designing a living tunnel made from these Ooho water bottles but on a grand scale. The idea was people would attempt to squeeze through the water containers and their reward was an Ooho water bottle to take home. I wanted my design to help people realise the importance of water in our world and in creating life. The sea makes up 70% of the world and sea creatures are vital for the circle of life yet. There are 405 dead zones and we have seen a rapid decline in sea creature population.img_6701


Design that explores clean/better technologies

Design that takes models from nature and history

Design to reduce the need to consume



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